Do you want to become fit, stay fit, and feel fabulous? If YES, then Fit&Fab Bootcamp 4Ladies is just what you need!!


Outdoor boot camps give campers the results they are looking for in half the time.  Campers have fun and are highly motivated to achieve greatness.

So, WHAT is a Boot camp?

Good question; and I'll get to that in a minute. First, let me tell you what it's NOT. This is NOT a choreographed aerobics class where you spend more time trying to stay in rhythm with the instructor than you do challenging yourself. This is NOT a class where you will be worrying that everyone will see you if you mess up, miss a step, or can't keep up. This is NOT a long, boring gym routine where you use complicated machines or spend hours on a treadmill, and then end up wondering why you don't see any results. This is a fun, challenging, fitness class This is a high intensity boot camp that will challenge your entire body, blasting away body fat and building lean muscle in the process.


 Burn Fat, Build Muscle
This high energy class will have campers performing different exercises, challenging all the major muscle groups of your body, while giving you an aerobic workout like you've never ever had. And, it will all happen in 60 minutes!
In my boot camps, we'll be doing full body movements just using your own bodyweight.
The workouts will vary - incorporate cardio training, strength training and flexibility

So what DOES It Mean...?

Boot camp training is a fun, challenging way to exercise with a group of people just like you, that will get you to use your body the way it was meant to be used, not the way some machine forces you to use it.
You'll burn fat, build muscle, improve your health, and get stronger. This is your opportunity to get fit, under my personal guidance, for a fraction of what individual Personal Training sessions would cost.
You are GUARANTEED to have FUN while you are becoming insanely fit and healthy!!


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